Monthly Memberships

Authors who would love to have access to my courses, but either can't afford an upfront chunk of cash, or who only want access for a limited time, love to take advantage of my monthly memberships. Consider it Kindle Unlimited... but for Author Revolution and Millionaire Author Coach courses. You get access to all the goods as long as your membership is current! 

Aspiring & Emerging Author Courses

Are you working toward getting your very first book out? Maybe you have a small (but growing backlist of titles)... If so, look no further. These courses are the best fit for you. 

Prolific Author Course

Ready to take self-publishing to the next level? Rapid Release Roadmap is the course to get it done. Learn how to plan, write, publish, and promote 4 books (or more) every single year in this one-of-a-kind course!

Millionaire Author Courses

Want to learn how to apply Law of Attraction and manifestation techniques to your author career? Look no further! These courses (or membership) are just what you're looking for! 

Millionaire Author Manifestation

Join the waitlist for the one-of-a-kind indie author manifestation course! Doors open twice a year. 

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Indie Author Fast-Track 1:1 Coaching

Authors who want to fast-track their royalties and author success have different needs. You already know the basics of writing and publishing your books. Now you need a comprehensive strategy to make it all work for you. I gotcha covered.